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Oct 2, 2012 12:00am PDT
was being filmed. >> only in san francisco will the republican have a peace sign doting the i. >> i think that ad needed to be half that long or 12 minutes long. they have all of this build up and he makes two points and then the ad is over. >> and then the climax is a goat or a sheep running down a road. >> it is heavy on the metaphors. we are supposed to watch and say, let our livestock run free. >> who is this offensive to more nancy pelosi or to the dead? >> to the makers of the demon sheep video. i think politics would be much more tolerable if half of the ads were like this. but the thing that is intolerable is that there is no republicans running for anything in california. it has become a one-party state in many ways. and this guy will not come close. if you can't beat nancy pelosi, right? or even somebody who looks vaguely like nancy pelosi somebody she promised when the health carrie form thing was passed, she promised that there would be four million jobs with this including 400,000 righ
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 12:00am PDT
are not broaching. >> we are doing an hour on that. >> don't let them leave san francisco. once they cross the bridge it is go time. that's when it is a planet of the apes and not for the apes. >> thanks for the distinct. >>> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox and if you have a video of your animal doing something not boring send it in. go to fox eye and click on submit a video. the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by photocopy yes, sir. the machine that makes pipe duplicates of documents and other images quickly and cheaply. >>> we're back. let's see if we have anything wrong so far. hi andy. >> hi, greg. >> how are you? >> great. >> how is the bus? >> great. i won't talk about it. >> we will have to cover. >> i can do my amazing collosal man. >> were there a bunch of factual statements i intoed to correct -- i need to correct? halloween display shows president obama in a web. you said it was cool this thr was a hamel -- there was a hammer on the money bag? it was a dollar sign. part was hid
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 12:00am PDT
people. but the real problem in san francisco, you can walk around nude. and they just banned walked into a restaurant in the nude. in louisiana you don't have half of the problem they had. >> i see that as a blessing. >> should the government be involved in what you are wear ?g. >> i think you are being a little harsh. i walk around in pajamas all day, but no one knows because you wear a b burr caw on top. should we ban newspapers and is that a first amendment issue? >> is this the 19th century? i continue believe they are banning this. what two consulting people do at home -- oh wait, they are banning pj's. i got it now. completely didn't read the story. >> can we admit nobody wears pajamas anymore? men wear gym shirts and sweatpants. and women wear the guy's gym shirt and sweatpants. >> that's not true. >> you still wear pajamas ? >> that's none of your business. >> turn off the camera. >> the pajama industry is a big industry. you are probably hurting american jobs by having this conversation. >> pajamas is an indian word, dana. >> men wear the bottoms and girls wear the tops. >>
FOX News
Oct 25, 2012 12:00am PDT
that it now. >> the san francisco giants, a group of really large men that live in the bay area. i go there and stay with them sometimes. >> do you really? >> they are great. >> castro or hate? >> all over the castro. why go anywhere else? >> i hear you, buddy. >> clothing optional. go away. >>> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that girl scouts roast marshmellows over her. i am here with jedediah jedediah bila. and he is so tough his bath towels are made of sand paper. he is terry sapor, u.s. army special forces. and he is considered a bargain, bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary were a trumpet, band geeks would blow him at a football game. it is john gibson, host of the radio program, the john gibson show. named after john gibson on fox news radio weekdays at noon eastern. blal >> was it an offer he can't refuse or a kind of snooze? on wednesday, an actual day of the week donald trump came clean on the bombshell he was teasing for days on end. that's basically a dare. after taking credit for the president releasing his long-tomorrow -- long-form birth certificate he promi
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 12:00am PDT
. it was disturbing. >> eric: see all of you >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy or known in certain parts of san francisco, greg gutfeld. now to tom shalou, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. mitt romney manages to disc both pbs and nickelodeon in the same week. i don't know why he hates children so much. maybe it is because so many will grow up to be women, minorities and poor people, his mortal enemies. and a texas school district is forcing students to wear radio tracking chips and civil libertarians are crying foul. but don't they cry foul when adults are implanted with chips too? you can't make them happy. and come on down. the price is right -- "the price is right" names its first ever male spokes model. i don't know where this leads us as a culture, but i'm sure on a slippery slope. andy? >> see you at the half. let's welcome our guests. i am here with remi spencer. and it is gavin mcguiness, writing fore "talking ma" and street" and bill schulz who thinks he is on "glee" and it is dennis neil. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> so does
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)